November 08, 2012

Monkey Rag Sc_11: Reworked

Scene 11 was one of the scenes in Monkey Rag I was most eager to animate.  I just had a picture in my head of the little interaction between them and I was anxious to get it translated onto paper.  But my original pass was time consuming, so the longer it took, the more I was willing to put off fixes and details for the clean-up stage.  I figured if I could just get the general idea down, it would be easy to go back and work on the flourish later.  ...Not so much, as it turns out.  The more time that passes, the more I want to change everything about my horrible, lazy, old drawings and start from scratch.  I won't allow myself that luxury at this stage in the game, so I just have to try and fix what I've got.  Since I've spent so bleedin' long on this scene, I thought I would present the original animation alongside the reworked, inked animation.  I am reasonable happy with it, all things considered.  But if you can't spot the differences, please don't say so until I've had time to decompress.  (If these videos are too low quality, you can check out my tumblr for better res.)

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