March 29, 2014

Favorite Cartoons Growing Up #4: Noozles

Its been a minute since I thought about my favorite cartoons list, so I thought I'd jump back into it today.  "Noozles" was a Nick Jr. show I remember because I loved the premise.  A Japanese import set in Australia, the main character Sandy had a stuffed koala which wasn't just a toy but actually a living being from another dimension populated entirely by koalas.  Sandy could visit anytime she but only disguised as a koala because humans were hunted as game or something.  Oh, and the pink koala could fly and had a magic bag and hated Sandy for some reason.  And Sandy's father was an archeologist who was lost in space... Seems pretty dense for a baby show on Nick Jr. now that I think about it.   Oh, I also remember she had a lightswitch next to her bed which I thought was darned convenient as a five-year-old. An odd premise, but I loved the extra-dimensional escapism and the idea your stuffed animals were real.

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