April 18, 2014

Daily Crapbook: Serafin The Pirate

I really want to do well on this week's Schoolism assignment- to create a character inspired by a famous person.  I chose Gene Kelly from "The Pirate" because its such a fun performance, and Kelly's idea to show that men can be graceful without sacrificing masculinity is a very interesting one.  Serafin is a rake, but very charming, and as the pirate he proves powerfully athletic even in those dainty little black shorts.  There are a lot of elements to play with: his muscular legs, pointed little boots, floppy curly hair, slim, lightbulb-shaped torso, high waist, roguish expression- but every time I think I'm close to tying it all together it just slips away.  I planned to finish this today but on the last assignment I committed too early and the final product suffered. This time around I'll take it slow and let it rest overnight.

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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Thats a great idea for a project!

Now I want to see this movie.