April 02, 2014

Favorite Cartoons Growing Up #5: Wuzzles

"Wuzzles" was another cartoon I had almost forgotten entirely about, and actually went back and watched a couple episodes.  Its a simple premise- little suburban adventures in a fantasy town populated by animals that are combinations of species.  Not as interestingly designed as the ones on "Avatar", but still cute enough.  I remember why I watched the show- it had colorful, interesting animation that beat the crap out of any Hanna-Barbara cartoon that was airing at the time.  It only had thirteen episodes and I watched them over and over as a kid in syndication, which is why I grant it "favorite cartoon growing up" status, even though I didn't really like it as a whole.  It didn't have really fun characters beyond their designs, they didn't really do anything funny, they wedged the word "Wuzzle" into every part of speech all the smurfin' time, and I remember actively hating the voices.  Especially that smug narrator and that awful Rhinokey.  The only character I liked was Hoppo, and after watching a couple episodes I still like her.  She is the diva archetype, wrapped up in her own ego and only concerned with indulgence.  But she is the only character that isn't entirely flat and she doesn't have an awful "cartoony" voice.  It turns out she was voiced by Jo Ann Worley, which explains her fabulousness.  Here she is in a costume I saw in one episode that plants the show very firmly in the 80s.

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