November 27, 2008

A Nugget of Thanks

As today is Thanksgiving, I want to share something I haven't posted online since I took down my Animaniacs fan page. Its an mp3 recorded from the "Animaniacs Attack" marathon of KidsWB aired in July of 1998. The network had asked fans to mail in postcards voting for episodes they wanted to see during the marathon. I had a lot of favorite episodes, so I sent in a lot of postcards. What aired made me very happy. Take a listen.

Don Hertzfeldt & Daily Crapbook

Ok, a couple weeks ago Don Hertzfeldt came to Atlanta to show his newest film and give a little talk. He was a really cool dude. He regaled us with a story of how he snuck into a sold-out Monty Python reunion by unwittingly posing as Johnny Depp. Very cool. I even talked to a him a little and maintained what could pass for composure. Although I fell short of my goal becoming best pals, or even telling him my name, I feel it was a successful and inspiring event.
Other than that, I haven't been terribly busy. I did one job for a local studio while waiting to go back to Primal, and I've been handling fun married stuff like thank-you notes, baking cookies, and house-hunting. Here are just a few doodles for the sake up posting something.

November 05, 2008

Slow Wave, and Daily Crapbook

Got a great surprise in the mail today. Jesse Reklaw, creator of the unique and hilarious "Slow Wave" comic strip, was generous enough to send a free copy of his new book "Night of Your Life" to all the people who contributed their dreams to his comic strip (go to his site to see what I mean). These comics are so bizarre and addicting and perfect- definitely check them out (and see if you can spot the dream I contributed!).

Also, here is a page of doodles I did today when I should have been working:

Tiny Toons DVD Makes Me Happy

A pleasant surprise of a wedding gift: my friend Zoran got me the first Tiny Toon Adventures DVD. I haven't seen these cartoon in maybe..fifteen years (shudder). I'm surprised at how much I still remember, a pose here, a line there...but I'm more surprised by all the stuff I don't remember. Tiny Toons, while the most kid-oriented of all the Spielburg/WB shows, is still really funny and thoroughly enjoyable. I haven't drawn any WB characters in a long time, but I felt like it tonight.