November 22, 2010

Monkey Rag Updated Animatic: Pencils Hit One Minute!

I had planned to hit the one minute mark several months earlier, so I'm very happy to have gotten it done tonight! I've been working on this almost every night (which is why my Daily Crapbook entries have all but ceased) and I hope the next thirty seconds will come much more quickly. Crazy sleepy now- bedtime!

November 13, 2010

I Put My Hand In There

This is something a little bit different from usual- I actually appeared in this spot! Well, my hands did at least. In the middle of the BlueBird project (to be posted within the next couple of weeks, stay tuned) the executive producer at Artifact Design asked if I wanted to be part of a shoot since I was a) a girl and b) a drawing-type person. I am also c) a ham, so I said yes yes a hundred times yes. I did draw all the drawings, but I can't take credit for the design: that was Chris Rainey, affectionately known as "Hip Hop" by his colleagues. It was a very fun shoot- I think I may quit animation and become a hand model.

November 05, 2010

Monkey Rag Sc. 07 Keys

Hey, its been a while! (Now why do my blog spots always seem to start out that way?) I'm just coming off another job binge, and I've got a few days to work on Monkey Rag. I was hoping to finish Sc. 07 by today and although Mitzi is nearly done, Spanky is still just keys. But I'm hoping I can finish the whole shebang this weekend so I can update the animatic! I'm excited about that, but I'll refrain from commenting until I've actually done it.