October 29, 2012

Stupid Ways I Hurt Myself: Hit With Faucet

I do this more often than I care to admit.

October 28, 2012

Stupid Ways I Hurt Myself: Sprained Head

I don't know if I'm just getting older or if my gazelle-like grace is simply atrophying through neglect, but I tend to hurt myself in very stupid ways.  I thought I'd start sharing them as they happen.

October 27, 2012

I Want This Dress

I was poached for a dress on eBay recently, so now I'm on an eBay binge trying to fill the fashion whole in my heart.  I came across this one, and I love it, so of course its too small for me.  Ah well...

October 26, 2012

Daily Crapbook: Upton Downstairs

English period drama is keeping me company these days, rewatching Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs.  I still cry when Lady Marjorie goes down on the Titanic and her lady's maid goes mad with grief.  Her Ladyship was ever so lovely.  ARG!  They got me thinking in British now!  Why are these characters so appealing??

October 23, 2012

Happy Mole Day!

Happy geekiest holiday of the year!  I celebrated by drawing a fancy mole.

Daily Crapbook: Sombrero Dachshund

Today's mood was definitely "dachshund in a sombrero." 

October 18, 2012

Raccoon and Baboon Color Model

Worked out the color model for Raccoon and Baboon... Since these characters only have a couple scenes, I splurged and used a lot of painted line.  Apologies in advance, colorist volunteers!

October 17, 2012

Sc. 05 Progression Reel: From Boards to Color

Have some more color, why doncha!

October 15, 2012

Daily Crapbook: Why Internet Not Love Me?

I just noticed that there seems to be an inverse relationship between how hard I work on a drawing and how much people like it.  Is there some nugget of wisdom to be discovered here, or is it just Chinatown?

October 11, 2012

Daily Crapbook: Harley Quinn Costume

Over three years ago, I gave into a feverish dream and bought a Harley Quinn costume.  It was the most disappointing, ill-fitting, poorly made $50 bucks I ever spent.  But I kept it, and every Halloween since I've tried it on again just in case pixies had secretly visited and magically tailored it into an awesome, authentic-looking costume.  Or I just kept it to torture myself into never being so foolish with my money again.  But this year, I decided to eBay it let it molder in the back of someone else's closet.  I'ma be a flapper this year.

October 08, 2012

Monkey Rag Progress Report

 Its been a while since I posted a big Monkey Rag update, so I thought I'd cobble together a little Sc.06 progress reel to show you all a glimpse of color.  Yes indeed, color!!! I've been revising animation and inking as much as I can- I'm on Sc. 11 now fixing Raccoon and Baboon.  Oof, do they need a lot of work.  But I suspect that once I get through Sc. 12 its all going to go much more quickly.  Even with all my backpedaling, I have a stack of inks that my industrious-bordering-on-magical husband Nate is working on scanning and prepping to send to my awesome coloring volunteers.  The pipeline is working splendidly with coloring in ToonBoom AnimatePro and using DropBox as a server, so the color work can all be done long distance!  All in all, while I may be behind of my ideal schedule of being done last year, the fact that things are moving forward keeps me happy. 

October 04, 2012

Owl for Free Art Friday

Dashed out an owl for Free Art Friday tomorrow.  Who's going hunting?

Daily Crapbook: I Love Paper

Animation paper is expensive, and thats the most eloquent reason to switch to a digital pipeline.  But I because I'm crazy, I'm still doing Monkey Rag on paper and budgeting for the paper supply.  But in an amazing someone-up-there-must-like-me moment, my last shipment of animation bond arrived double the amount I had ordered.  I am set for the rest of the cartoon.  Jo does, indeed, love paper.

October 02, 2012

Daily Crapbook: Pensive Flapper

I made a neat background today, so I drew this flapper to go with it.

October 01, 2012

Daily Crapbook: Frankenmutt and Count Poochula

I had some sketches of dogs, then tonight I put costumes on them because why not.