February 27, 2016

Sketch Dailies: Iron Fist

Actually had some time for a Sketch Dailies!  Its been a while.  I know so very little about Iron Fist, be he's a pretty super hero man and thats good enough for now.

February 24, 2016

Deadpool & Friends

I had the great good fortune to get to see "Deadpool" this weekend.  I'm not a Marvel gal and know very little about the character, and I don't have much stomach for gore, but this movie was fantastically entertaining.  This probably the closest we'll ever get to seeing Freakazoid on the big screen.  And if it weren't for all the violence, sex, and iffy morality, I think the two characters would get along fine!  Who knows, maybe Freakazoid wouldn't really be bothered by that anyway...

February 21, 2016


I was gonna roll myself back into sketching and planning my next project today, buuuut...I'd rather sleep.

February 19, 2016


So I've been in a work coma since, oh, it probably started end of November.  I'm usually good about scheduling projects so they don't overlap, but I wasn't able to avoid that this time around and BOY did it hurt.  But thanks to great assistants, great family support, and a great lack of sleep, all of the deadlines were hit.  Also, the jobs were really cool- each in different ways.  One because it was my chance to completely direct a traditionally animated spot, another because it was just AWESOME...  I will talk about them more at length in the weeks to come.  For now- this is the first weekend in a long time I will have free.  And I am going to sleep through as much of it as I can.

Thanks for waiting out this dark period- I have plans for lots of drawings and animations that I'm itching to get going on once I wake up!