November 30, 2012

Daily Crapbook: Calendar Girl Show

Started sketching ideas for the Davina & the Harlots “Calendar Girl” Pageant Show on January 2nd.  Then bedtime happened so I stopped drawing.  Happens every night- what a drag.

November 27, 2012

Daily Crapbook: Christmas Card Character

More sketching around an idea for a Christmas card character.

November 26, 2012

Daily Crapbook: Sketchy Messy Idea for Xmas Card

Every few days that pass without my doing a Daily Crapbook, I get very precious about my drawings and pledge that my next upload should be something awesome to make up for the lapse.  Well, nuts to that!  I'm just going to upload anything I have even if its just a couple of scribbles- anything to take some of the pressure off and get my sketching muscles flexing again.  So!  Here are my "Harvey Girls" influenced Christmas Card idea scribbles for the day.

November 22, 2012

Daily Crapbook: Doodle Break

Took a break from inking to doodle a bit.  Sc11 is sooo close to being buttoned up, and once its done the rest of the inking should be a cakewalk!

November 20, 2012

Very, Very Old Fanart

I got a very sweet comment about my ancient, prehistoric Animaniacs fanart, which as it happens seems to be the only things that the internet has ever lost track of.  I found some really nice words someone posted about the old fanart on DeviantArt, so I thought I should release the old stuff back in the the wild.  But I'm probably going to do it in this format. 

November 14, 2012

Disney Bad Ass Girls

Like I said, I saw "Wreck-It Ralph" this weekend and really enjoyed it.  I was expecting it to feel more Roger Rabbit-y, but it was still very fun in the direction they took it.  This is one Disney movie I wouldn't mind a sequel to- I think there's a lot more in that world to explore and make fun of.  Also, I have a new addition to my "Most Favoritest Character Evar!" list: Calhoun.  I'm always a fan of an ass-kicking chick who doesn't suffer from "Good Role Model Syndrome."  Her character was so clever and fun, and most of the lateral humor in the movie revolved around her.  Best line: "She's programmed with the most tragic back-story ever."  The only other Disney female I can think of that was this level of intense awesomeballousness is Captain Amelia.  They're both futuristic characters, maybe it makes sense that would mash-up?

November 13, 2012

Paperman: Love By and Of Paper

Saw "Wreck-It Ralph" this weekend, and liked it very much, but my soul was shattered by the preceding short, "Paperman."  The technical achievement is staggering.  It represents to me the greatest leap CG animation has taken since early Pixar.  For so long innovators have struggled to make things more realistic, but Disney took a left turn.  The precision and technical possibilities of CG combined combined with the hand-drawn aesthetic is something I was holding my breath for and didn't even know it until I saw this short.  And I think its is so appropriate that it is a love story about paper.  The paper is how the characters meet, the paper is the vehicle for overcoming the obstacle, and then the paper becomes self-aware and facilitates the happy ending.  Given the subject matter and the aesthetic, am I nuts to think that this is also a love letter to paper itself?  By the end of this short, I had tears in my eyes for so many reasons.  Bravo, Disney.  Now do this again, but as a feature. 

(PS- I know these characters aren't named Jim and Pam, but... Dunder Mifflin is a paper company.  Paper again!  It's too perfect.)

November 09, 2012

FAFATL: Sally Mustache

Going out today sometime around lunch o'clock.

November 08, 2012

Sally Mustache for MOvember

Just wanted to do something for MOvember, so I sketched a tomato and I call her Sally Mustache.  I'm turning her into a #FAFATL drop tomorrow.

Monkey Rag Sc_11: Reworked

Scene 11 was one of the scenes in Monkey Rag I was most eager to animate.  I just had a picture in my head of the little interaction between them and I was anxious to get it translated onto paper.  But my original pass was time consuming, so the longer it took, the more I was willing to put off fixes and details for the clean-up stage.  I figured if I could just get the general idea down, it would be easy to go back and work on the flourish later.  ...Not so much, as it turns out.  The more time that passes, the more I want to change everything about my horrible, lazy, old drawings and start from scratch.  I won't allow myself that luxury at this stage in the game, so I just have to try and fix what I've got.  Since I've spent so bleedin' long on this scene, I thought I would present the original animation alongside the reworked, inked animation.  I am reasonable happy with it, all things considered.  But if you can't spot the differences, please don't say so until I've had time to decompress.  (If these videos are too low quality, you can check out my tumblr for better res.)

November 06, 2012

Ready For Tonight To Be Over...

This is about as political I expect to ever be on this blog.  Enjoy my election fatigue.

Ah'm On A BOAT!

In college I drew a picture of Calamity Jane.  Then a few weeks ago a nice lady in England asked if she could use it as a decal on the family canal boat.  I don't particularly like the drawing, but I'm so pleased its on a boat.  On a BOAT!  In England!!  An English BOAT!  Brilliant. 

November 02, 2012

Free Art Friday: Forest Friends Puzzle Pieces

These critters are going out today!  I hope someone wants to hunt all three.   Follow #FAFATL or me, @jothezette for clues.

November 01, 2012

Free Art Friday: Forest Friends

Trying something different for this month's Free Art Friday.  Three pieces that megazord to become one.  This isn't quite what I had in mind, but Friday is in a few hours so I had to go with my first sketch.  Hopefully this will make hunters want to hunt my stuff!