May 24, 2010

Letting Go of LOST

This is a quick and dirty sketch- I would have spent more time on it but I think I've already wasted enough of my time on LOST. The last thing the internet needs is another rant about LOST, but I have to voice my opinion at least briefly. I am not angry. I am not disappointed. I am INSULTED. I watched LOST because it promised to be a work of..well, not genius, but of competence. Heaven knows that's rare enough these days. So at the end, after all the mysteries, characters arcs, and plot points were established, when the writers decided they didn't need to resolve anything and said "Nothing of that matters- all that matters is friendship and love!", I felt like they were saying to me "Hey you in the audience, you're so stupid that we don't need to work at creating something intelligent. You'll sit through anything. Ha ha!" I admit it- I fell for the long con. After Battlestar Galactica, and now LOST, and the way Dr. Who is going, I think I'll be taking a break from watching television for a while. I'll be watching reruns of "I Love Lucy" and "The Twilight Zone" if you need me.

May 19, 2010

Daily Crapbook

From Gene Kelly I somehow got to centaur... that logical on some other planet, I bet.

May 18, 2010

Daily Crapbook

I've been sketching for two days and just can't seem to squeeze out anything interesting. I decided to focus on drawing just one thing, so I got out my reference of Gene Kelly, an old favorite. If by the end of this week I've done just one good drawing of him, I'll be happy. Here is my most successful sketch so far... meh.

May 17, 2010

Shuttle Launch

Since NASA is practically being shut down, Nate and I decided that it was important to see a shuttle launch while we still had the chance. So off we drove to the Space Coast for the weekend. We were unable to secure tickets from NASA, but luckily there are other places to see the launch, for free even! We weren't close enough to feel the pressure wave, but at least we got an unobstructed view of the launch pad from across the Indian River. I don't know quite how to describe to feeling of watching men go into space- I'm not even sure if my puny mind can really understand the meaning of it. It's just...brilliant. I only know that everyone needs to witness a launch first-hand, and there are only two more opportunities left.

May 13, 2010

Monkey Rag Sc. 05 Pencil Test In Progress

This is another long scene that seems to get longer the more I work on it. I'm uploading it in its current state because I just feel like I've gone too long without anything to show for myself. I thought I didn't like posting works in progress, but then I realized, isn't that what a pencil test is anyway? I remember at Primal, I'd be so on edge whenever I was using the pencil tester because someone might come by and (gasp) see how the animation looked! Its like my characters are naked while I'm animating, and its just not decent for anyone to look at them until I've finished dressing them up. So..this is me getting over that. Plus, it'll make the final animation look so much better if everyone has a crappier version to compare it to!

May 10, 2010

Daily Crapbook

Some more unused characters.

May 07, 2010

Raising an Eyebrow for Mistborn

As I like to listen to audiobooks while I work, a friend recommended the Mistborn series for me. I'm about halfway through the second book, and the story is very interesting. However, as a work of literature, its getting difficult to listen to. With sentences like "they did not associate with her lest they be found guilty by association" and "pain blossomed like a sunrise" I'm impressed that someone published these books at all. Seriously, it bad. Particularly irksome is that the phrase " raised an eyebrow" appears at least five times per page. Even the dog can "raise a canine eyebrow". Curse you, Brandon Sanderson, for not using a better editor for your unique and interesting story!

May 06, 2010

Daily Crapbook: Gotta Dance

Trying something out...meh!

May 05, 2010

May 04, 2010

Daily Crapbook

May 03, 2010

: Leftover Devil

A leftover sketch from "History of the Devil".