August 29, 2011

Daily Crapbook: Robocop and the Terminator

Can we all agree to start saying this? It would make me happy.

August 28, 2011

Monkey Rag Sc. 13

Needs a couple more tweaks, but I'm putting that off until my next round of revisions. I see my mistakes more clearly after I let them fester for a while.

August 22, 2011

Vixen Pin-Up

Here's a pin-up I did for the next issue of my friend Zoran's awesome comic "Mystery Afoot".

August 15, 2011

Daily Crapbook

Trying to come up with interesting poses for Spanko in Sc 13...sketching helps get out all the bad ideas.

August 11, 2011

Daily Crapbook

August 10, 2011

Daily Crapbook

August 09, 2011

Daily Crapbook

August 08, 2011

Daily Crapbook: Vixen

My friend Zoran asked me to do a pin-up of his character "Vixen" for his next issue of hilarious comic "Mystery Afoot." So I decided to start with some sketches.

August 07, 2011

August 06, 2011

Daily Crapbook: GET TO WORK!

Seriously. I need to get on Monkey Rag this weekend.javascript:void(0)

August 05, 2011

Daily Crapbook

August 03, 2011

Daily Crapbook

August 01, 2011

Daily Crapbook

Daily Crapbook